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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fantastic Five Charmers That Tempt To Plan Holidays to Phuket

Luxury Phuket holidays is an enthralling treat that tangles your nerves with immeasurable fun, unending entertainment and revered Thai hospitality! Be it venturesome Thai Boxing, dreamy date with fabled Old Phuket Town, electric night out at Patong's Bangla Road or feasting the eyes on a spectacular Phuket Simon Cabaret – Phuket seduces its visitors with infinite delights!

Phenomenal Phuket is perhaps one of the few South Asian destinations that truly knows how to brew a holiday experience that comes as close to perfection as it can! Epithets like "The Pearl of the South" fall somewhat short when one stars to describe the true essence of this Thai charmer!

Phuket truly lives up to the proverbial phrase of “lap of luxury”! Those who dream to get an authentic slice of opulence and unabashed luxury often plan holidays to Phuket! It comes as no wonder as the city remains the best pick for luxury holidays as it sweeps its visitors off their feet with its pictorial beauty, entrancing flamboyance and unrivalled Thai elegance! Let us delve into some of the must-experience charms to make one’s luxury Phuket holidays, a truly blissful affair!

Marvellous Muay Thai

By far Thailand’s most popular spectator sport, Muay Thai has caught the world’s fancy! With exciting and non-stop action, Muay Thai bouts truly tempt the holidaymakers to plan luxury Phuket holidays and allows them to get lost in an inescapable frenzy of excitement and exhilaration! Muay Thai is not just only about fierce punches, smashing elbow strikes and deadly kicks but also about ritual, ceremony and respect! With its action-packed matches and wild musical accompaniment – Muay Thai bouts are surely worth all the scuffles one goes through while booking luxury Phuket holiday deals.

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